James Cook

Senior Associate

James Cook recently joined Bovingdons as an Associate, where he uses his detailed knowledge of the area and extensive previous property experience to connect buyers with their dream home.

He grew up in Buckinghamshire where he studied Business and Economics at A level and then went on to gain industry experience in agency, before moving on and managing multiple projects for an award-winning local developer.

Having joined Bovingdons in the summer of 2020 he’s enjoyed working in an extremely buoyant market, where he liaises with buyers and sellers at all levels. He enjoys the challenge of constantly adapted to accommodate the different challenges that came up throughout the day. His enthusiasm and ability to communicate with multiple clients allows him to provide a high level of service throughout. 

James thoroughly enjoys working closely with the team at Bovingdons, noting everyone who is involved is the very best at what they do and show a high level of professionalism. He enjoys the fact that Bovingdons are leading the way in new technologies and in keeping with the current times allowed the switch to working from home completely seamlessly.

When he is not working, he tends to be on the golf course, gym or in the kitchen. 

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