Guide to Selling a Property in Buckinghamshire

A step-by-step guide to selling a property.

Maybe you are looking to up size, downsize or just looking to realise the value of your biggest asset to go do something else, whatever your reason, selling your house can be a stressful time. This guide aims to help you with a step-by-step guide to make sure you do it in the least stressful way possible.

The first thing to do is get a market valuation so you have the best idea of what the value of your property is against others sold within the area, but also so we can give you advice and ideas on how to maximise the selling price of your home. You can book one with us by clicking here.

Presenting your property

Presentation is one of the most important points to getting the best price for your property below are some suggestions from our years of selling homes on the best way to achieve the most:

  • Try to offer a blank canvas take this opportunity to declutter and tidy up. Buyers want to imagine themselves in your home and the best way to do this is to see a clean, uncluttered house with lots of available space.

  • Remove any excess furniture and have a thorough spring clean - you may feel that that extra sofa in the living room is great when entertaining but if it makes the room look small it will put people off.

  • Most people are sold on a property by the hall so make sure your home has instant appeal, making sure the first impressions from when you open the front door deliver.

  • Try to be objective or if you can't then get a friend to come in and give you those home thruths - you want to view your home as a buyer, alternatively if you are happy for us to we can give you extra guidance.

Property Information

We will ask you to fill in a questionnaire about your house this will help any perspective buyers in getting all they need to know from one easy place. Full disclosure is key here -there is no point wasting your time or theirs when you know there is something that will impact the sale further down the line.

Being in a Position to Sell Legally

If you are serious about selling, we strongly suggest you get your solicitor on board when you instruct us to start marketing your home. This is really important if your property has not been sold for many years and the title to it is not registered at the Land Registry or if you have a leasehold property where management enquires may take extra time.

We know of many solicitors who we have worked with for many years and with who we trust. You are looking for someone who is proactive and will work well with us to help get you smoothly through to completion.

How do we know what your property is worth?

Well ultimately it is what a buyer who wants your home is willing pay. But we can help ascertain this by working out what is special about your home and how to emphasise that in a way to find you that buyer who will pay above the average price.

We will work with you to make sure we agree what your properties unique selling points are and will emphasise these in each of our points of marketing.

At the same time we will provide you with comparison information on properties that have sold which will help you decide on a suitable asking price given the timeframes in which you need to sell.


Ultimately, we are in the business of selling houses so we always suggest doing the viewings, not only can the buyers feel more honest with us but because we make a point of getting to know the buyers we will know what to highlight in your home that they are really looking for and can much more easily overcome objections.

Buyers honest feedback also helps inform us on who your perfect buyer will be so we can secure the right viewings next time.

We will work with you to make sure viewings are conducted with the least possible disruption to you.

Accepting an offer

This is always done Subject to Contract so either party can withdraw before Exchange of contracts at no cost to either party. This is standard legal practice across the UK, but can attract criticism if either party subsequently decide not to proceed with the agreed transaction. This is a frustrating quirk of law in England so to try to minimise the possibility of this we will try to secure an early exchange of contracts with the help of your solicitor.

Instructing Your Solicitors

This has to be done by you and needs to be done at the very latest as soon as you have accepted an offer. In order for them to start work on your sale, they will need to receive:

  • Identification from you to satisfy the current money laundering regulations.

  • Signed Terms of Business.

  • A completed fixtures and fittings list.

  • Planning permission and building regulation sign offs for any extensions or alterations you have made.

  • Guarantees, warranties and certificates for works completed (double glazing, boiler servicing etc).

  • Block manager and freeholder information and contact details if your property is leasehold.

  • Authority from you to provide the buyers solicitor with answers to their enquiries and payment for them to undertake the standard searches against any proposed purchase you are planning.

We will act as the conduit between both sets of solicitors and we will send a Memorandum of Sale to you, your solicitor, the buyer and their solicitor informing them that a sale has been agreed. It is key that you check our Notification of Sale document to ensure it meets your requirements.

Conveyancing Process

It is important to note that once we have handed the transaction to your solicitors they have full control of timings and we can only act as an intermediary. Make sure you have regular updates with your solicitor to make sure that matters are progressing in accordance with your requirements.

Hopefully this has given you a useful insight into the process, we are always available to chat to you about the process and will stay involved throughout the sale process right until the end.